What am I doing here?

You’re likely here because you know me, and I shared this site with you. Chances are, if you’re not one of my friends or family, we work together, and I mentioned that I occasionally like to write about things which occupy my mind. Mostly, that’s to do with my work, but occasionally will stray to my hobbies as well.

One of the main things which fascinates me is the relationship between epistemology (how the mind works), and how to write better code. I firmly believe that poor coding style, consistently applied, is better than a free-for-all. However, I also—even more firmly—think we can do a lot better than that. Deliberately matching up how the human mind works with how we write code can yield objective answers to what are generally thought of as subjective preferences in coding style. You can expect many posts exploring that subject here.

I’m also fascinated by trying to improve the processes in our daily lives. This can be anything from brushing your teeth to managing a team.  Of course, just the word “process” has a stigma against it as guaranteed to make simple things complicated. I couldn’t disagree more. Process is merely the way something gets done, and a good process is one which minimizes the effort required.  This has lead to a strong passion for Getting Things Done (GTD), and I’m sure that will come up often as well.

Finally, there are a bunch of other things which occupy my time and my thoughts: being a good husband & father, listening to and playing jazz & classical music, woodworking, and playing Minecraft.  You may well see posts on all of those subjects as well.

So, if any of that appeals to you, bookmark, subscribe, follow, or otherwise just keep an eye on this space.

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