Recipes: Chicken Tikka Masala

One of my other hobbies is cooking, and I’ve been collecting recipes for a while now.  As I try new recipes, I re-write the ones I like into my own online cookbook.  Naturally, being a software engineer, I created a little website to keep them organized.  Of course, having the source code on my hard drive, I was just one command-line command away from having a version-controlled repository using git.  From there, it was an easy step to publish it to GitHub, and from there to activate the GitHub Pages feature to make it a public website.

Besides being intensely geeky, this has actually been super helpful!  I’ve found myself at  a friend’s house where we decide we want to cook something together, or I’ve wanted to share a recipe with someone.  This makes it super easy to do so.  So… I’m sharing my latest addition with you!

I didn’t actually make up the recipe (you can see the source at the bottom), but I have adjusted it a bit to suit my own taste, and I re-arranged it to fit into my cookbook’s design.  Enjoy!

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