Designing my Own Workbench

For a long while now, I’ve been dealing with less-than-ideal work surfaces in my wood shop. I’ve got a blanket over my table saw so I can work there (when I’m not using it). I’ve also got a tiny table built up against one wall, and, finally, I’ve got a old door thrown over two sawhorses.  None of these is really adequate.  So, I decided my next project in the shop is going to be making myself a proper work table.

This is the design for the basic table itself. After having watched a bunch of furniture-makers on YouTube (especially Matt Estlea and Matthias Wandel), I’ve got a bunch of ideas for extras it should have (i.e., clamps and such), but I think it will be a nice upgrade to start with.

In case you’re looking for a nice CAD package for hobbyist-level work, Autodesk Fusion 360 has an extremely robust feature set and is free for hobbyists and start-ups.

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